As teachers at the Academic Magnet High School, we are aware and concerned about the continuing lack of diversity at our school. This is an issue about which we care deeply. We do not take issue with the conversation or the need for diversity; however, we take issue with the characterization of our principal, Judith Peterson, in Steve Bailey’s recent guest column in The Post and Courier.

He implies that she is unaware and clueless. We can assure you that she has worked tirelessly addressing this situation. She has proposed ideas, programs and initiatives; she has committed countless hours working with students, parents, faculty and community leaders to remedy this situation and to solve the problem. We continue to support her unceasing efforts and trust that the Charleston County School District will work with us to resolve this problem.

Carol Hurt

Academic Magnet

High School

W. Enterprises Street

North Charleston

This letter was also signed by: Cathy Woods, Larissa Bortz, Mary Catherine Lankford, Jennifer Grayson, Nairobi Orr and Douglas Murphy.