Progressives in this country have created an atmosphere that discourages one not to speak out concerning his beliefs. If one has a different opinion about the gay community he is considered a homophobe.

If one speaks out about an African American he is considered a bigot. It’s amazing that progressives claim to be tolerant but are the first to stop debate by using labels.

Debate is important for the success of our great nation. If it stops we only have one point of view.

I hate to think what future generations have in store for this country. Their heads are being filled with one point of view in our universities and colleges. An opposing point view of is not expressed for fear of receiving a less than stellar grade. Speakers with an opposing message are not allowed to speak, and if they are allowed to speak the rude and intolerant students shout the speaker down.

All points of view must be heard from progressives, moderates and conservatives. This gives a person an opportunity to decide for himself. We need to speak out now, and not be afraid of the labels. By the way, I am a 68-year-old white male, I do have gay friends and I voted for Tim Scott.

L.O. Segrest

Whispering Marsh Drive