I grieve deeply with the tight-knit Wadmalaw community, which lost three members to gun violence. Those poor orphaned children. We are all guilty in this state as far as I’m concerned. If guns weren’t so plentiful here, this common and deadly combo — this stupidity — wouldn’t be so lethal. The children might be standing beside three hospital beds instead of grave sites. At such tender ages their devastation is unimaginable to so many whose hearts are breaking for them today.

I have some questions for the Second Amendment zealots among us. How many more toddlers have to accidentally kill their siblings or parents? How many more young black men have to lose their lives?

How many more women and children have to live in crippling fear? How many more perpetrators have to face the dreadful final reckoning that this man — our neighbor — did? How many more tragedies will it take to break through your unconscionable denial?

We are all guilty of this horrific tragedy, despicable crime and vicious sin (against nature, if not God, should you be an atheist). God, help these innocent children. God, help us.

Carol Oropallo

Ashley Avenue