I am responding to a Feb. 17 letter to the editor about global warming.

One aspect of the debate on global warming concerns past periods in the earth’s history of warming and cooling. A look at the historical record shows that these episodic climate changes took place over many thousands of years and, at times, hundreds of thousands.

Our current warming is taking place over barely a century and has accelerated dramatically in the last 50 years. What else dramatically increased in the last 50 years? Atmospheric CO2. In fact, if you graph them together they match almost perfectly. As in many complicated scientific systems, the Earth takes time to accommodate to changes — the shorter the time allowed, the worse the result.

Not being a climate scientist, I am certain others will disagree with my comments, but here is the most disingenuous part of the letter, which says “follow the money with respect to Al Gore,” so I took that advice.

The authors of the book with which the letter writer is so enamored have a curious background. They either belong to or lecture to a variety of groups such as the American Council on Science, Hudson Institute and Heartland Institute.

These groups were either started by or supported heavily by the Koch brothers and their loyal billionaire supporters, many of whom are in the fossil fuel industry. Go to the Exxon Mobil site and see how much money they contribute to these organizations.

Follow the money, indeed.

Basil J. Papaharis

Sarazen Drive

Mount Pleasant