All the slamming of AirBnB guests shows the ignorance of some rambling on about one more thing they know nothing about.

We are typical AirBnB guests and have stayed in Maine, South Carolina and other states. We are planning the same in London and Paris.

Not exactly loud raucous types, we’re a couple well into our senior years, nonsmoking, light social drinkers, no drugs, don’t stay out late, very quiet and clean. The type of people you’d love to have living next door or in your neighborhood. Other AirBnB people we’ve met, both hosts and guests, are similar whether young or old, all nice, educated, quiet, normal people who love the system. The fact that some homeowners could use a little extra money and choose to take in guests is as old as time. Why would anyone want party types or people who damage their property as guests? We’re usually the only visitors in someone’s home, and I doubt the neighbors even know we’re there.

Let’s regulate something else, tax it and hire a few more city employees to do the work.

Never fear, people of Mount Pleasant and the Charleston peninsula, your towns will soon be paved over with more high density monstrosities like the one on Coleman Boulevard and the Post and Courier site on upper King Street.

Meanwhile, the hotel and restaurant association is busy at work lobbying your state Legislature to pass laws on short-term rentals so soon it will be out of your hands. Well, maybe not soon. We know how effective they are.


Engel Street