Most people are concerned about the $18 trillion national debt. Unfortunately our Congress has no incentive to implement and manage a balanced budget.

In fact, Congress has the opposite incentive, that being to spend federal dollars on pork projects. We the people need to elect congressmen who will establish the necessary incentive to put this country’s financial house in order.

For example, the current congressman’s annual salary is $170,000. If Congress does not have a balanced budget in place prior to the start of the fiscal year, their pay is reduced to $120,000. Or if there is a balanced budget but there is no debt payback, their salary is reduced to $130,000.

There is a lot of waste, fraud, duplication and corruption that needs to be weeded out. In my opinion, we must impact the congressman’s salary to have any chance of getting the out-of-control spending under control. People respond when their pocketbook is impacted.

Good luck seeing any real change. This financial house of cards will fall.

It is hard to comprehend how many people believe that money from Washington is free.

Jerry Johnson

Prestwick Court