The writer of a June 1 letter to the editor discussed the Sergeant Jasper property owned by the Beach Company. His idea is that the city purchase the property, the monies to be obtained through tax-free securities. Then the city can determine what the best use of the property should be.

Mike Seekings, a councilman representing District 8 on Charleston City Council, discussed the arguments he has heard from Council, and threw up his hands, but noted that the zoning is inconsistent “and does not allow for the very use that must predominate the site, residential.”

Dr. Edward Gilbreth espoused an idea in a recent “Line by Line” column that is so simple, yet elegant that it will never be adopted. (He admitted that the idea did not originate with him.)

He proposed that the city trade some property that it has title to near the WestEnd project for the Sergeant Jasper property and adjacent lands owned by the Beach Company.

The Beach Company can build housing for college students on that property, and the city can convert the lands so acquired in the trade for a park. This is a win-win situation.

The land that the Beach Company would acquire would be closer to the colleges than the Sergeant Jasper. And the city would have a welcoming and expansive green area at the entrance to the Historic District. This is such a simple and excellent solution that it will never be adopted.

Irving Rosenfeld

Simpkins Street

James Island