Congratulations on winning the Pulitzer Prize for the domestic violence series, “Till Death Do Us Part.” I read each segment with tears in my eyes and rage in my soul and came away with one question: “What can I do about this?”

I quoted many of the statistics from the series on my Twitter and Facebook page. (The one that stayed with me the most: S.C. has at least one animal shelter in each of its 46 counties, but there are only 18 shelters for battered and abused women statewide.)

I sent several copies of the paper to friends in Atlanta and New York City with sticky notes that said, “You have got to read this.”

Perhaps you can do a follow up and let us know what South Carolinians can do going forward to change things. This would be especially helpful for us newbies who have moved here recently from other parts of the country.

Thank you again, for this incredible series.

Jatika Manigault

J. L. Manigault & Associates

Windermere Boulevard