I am writing about five issues (there are many more) that are the S.C. Legislature’s responsibility to resolve.

1) We need a program to fix our roads and crumbling infrastructure. A tax increase will be required, as will a complete restructuring of the various groups with a “rice bowl” to protect in this area.

2) I conclude that failure to reform ethics rules is because too many legislators have too much to hide from the voting public. Continuing to have an in-house group investigate alleged ethics problems says to me that the “good ole boy” way of doing business trumps letting in the light of day.

3) We need a plan to handle domestic abuse perpetrators. Removing guns from their hands, even at the discretion of a judge, is surely preferable to another battered or murdered victim. I see no violation of rights here. Many have their gun rights revoked for varying periods of time because of other violations of the law.

4) Classify mopeds as motor vehicles. If they are legal to drive on public roads they should be licensed, as should their drivers. All laws pertaining to motor vehicles also should apply to mopeds, including insurance requirements.

Individuals who lose their driver’s licenses because of violations while operating motor vehicles can get to work only by using mopeds. But the situation exists only because of their own actions.

5) To consider paying athletes at Clemson and the University of South Carolina while at the same time considering cutting loose the students at S.C. State is a significant waste of legislators’ time and another wrongheaded idea.

Can’t we expect better from our elected representatives than we are getting?


Krestrel Trail