That was a nice picture of A’ja Wilson wearing shorts was in the March 27 paper. Yes, actual shorts. Not longs. For some unknown reason today’s basketball players wear attire down to their knees or even below. Do they think longs look nice? Well they don’t. Men in skirts or culottes are ugly. Change back to shorts, please.

What has happened to the game that originally was designed as “don’t touch your opponent”? It has devolved into a contact sport, and other good rules that applied several decades ago are gone.

There used to be clear definitions of pivot-foot and they were enforced; now, it’s OK to take two steps after picking up the dribble. I believe that players are coached to twist and shift their bodies after jumping up to shoot, intentionally causing sideways contact with defensive players, drawing fouls. Seldom does the call go against the shooter. The old game was better. I now refuse to watch professional basketball, and seldom watch college men before the tournament; they are too rough.

The women’s game is headed the same way; some teams are known for playing physical (a euphemism for rough). I hate it when the TV commentators say, “They’re letting ’em play.” That means rough. The refs are ignoring the roughness and many clear fouls.

One sad part is that some teams cannot handle a rough opponent well, so they lose for that reason alone.

Yes, I’m an old traditionalist. You may disagree; just don’t get rough with me.

Charlie Taylor

Blockade Runner Parkway