Approximately a month ago, my health care organization approached Trader Joe’s in Mount Pleasant and inquired about day-old flowers and the store’s policy for destroying these “spoils.” We were informed that they would be thrilled to donate these flowers to our organization. Otherwise, they would be thrown out.

Each Wednesday morning, one of our employees visits Trader Joe’s in the early morning to receive this most gracious donation. Not only are the flowers set aside, often the staff at Trader Joe’s has boxed them up. At times they have placed the flowers in plastic vases to preserve them longer.

Our company is a local provider of hospice and home health services. By providing beautiful flowers for our patients and their caregivers, we often brighten their day and improve their spirits.

Trader Joe’s in Mount Pleasant is to be commended for its generosity to our patients.


Account Executive

Intrepid Healthcare of the Low Country

Hobcaw Bluff Drive

Mount Pleasant