John Nance Garner acerbically described the vice presidency as not being worth “a bucket of warm spit.” But then “Cactus Jack” served during a different era.

In just two days in London and Paris, Joe Biden chalked up hotel bills topping $1 million, in his official capacity as vice president.

That represents a high style of travel that would have staggered the crusty Texas Democrat. Though Mr. Garner served as vice president during Franklin D. Roosevelt’s first two terms during the Great Depression, he was opposed to deficit spending and the welfare state’s growth.

In London, Mr. Biden and his large entourage rented 136 rooms at the Hyatt Regency at a cost of $459,388.65. In Paris, the expense was even greater — $585,000.50 for that single night.

And it’s not even the high season yet.

Presumably the disparity in cost relates to the accommodations. In Paris, the vice president and his wife enjoyed a luxurious 1,851-square-foot suite, according to the London Daily Mail.

The vice president met with the prime minister of England and the president of France in his respective stop-overs. He was accompanied by a large security contingent.

Details of the trip were uncovered by The Weekly Standand, a conservative magazine published in Washington.

The trip took place in February before the budget sequester went into effect.

But even if that relatively limited spending restraint had already been imposed, rest assured that the 70-year-old veep wouldn’t have been relegated to Elderhostel.