Good for that Lake City third-grader who wants to add a fossil to the ever-growing list of state emblems. And the woolly mammoth, who once roamed these parts, would make an excellent addition to the list.

Another nominee for state fossil might be the State Budget and Control Board. Its critics have long described the B&C Board as something of a dinosaur. Indeed, Gov. Nikki Haley has likened it to a "Big Green Ugly Monster," and that sure sounds a lot like Tyrannosaurus Rex.

But T. Rex - like the woolly mammoth - became extinct long ago.

In contrast, the B&C Board will avoid being relegated to the fossil record by evolving into something called the "Fiscal Accountability Authority" in July 2015.

It won't be the "Big Ugly Green Monster," but it could be the smaller version as it continues to exercise considerable power in the fiscal realm, and with the same cast of characters.

So given that reality, maybe the woolly mammoth really is the better choice for state fossil. On the other hand, South Carolina's predilection to re-elect the same people to office term after term suggests there may yet be other candidates worthy of fossilized fame.