This planned takeover for mass density has gone too far! As a Charlestonian, spending my last 26 years at 235 Rutledge Ave., it is my inherent right to be appalled at what is being erected at Rutledge Avenue and Bogard Street.

A worker told me this structure contains some 10 bedrooms. Parking is almost nonexistent.

This structure does not meet the criteria that new infill construction be sensitive to its environment. This structure steps far afield of a homogenous streetscape. In this place, it goes against Charleston's architectural heritage.

The city is endangering the very guidelines in preservation that made Charleston "a first" in the nation. The city should set an example of "sense of place" for others to follow.

But infill is Mayor Joe Riley's "cash cow." All the good that Riley has done for Charleston is obliterated when he uses dubious methods to build housing in a city park, changes laws, uses creative zoning and overlays - whatever it takes in his quest to fulfill his vision.

The mayor encourages his hand-picked city staff and board members to allow buildings of this magnitude to be constructed in residential peninsula neighborhoods on small lots and in back yards with relatively no parking.

Another structure of this size was proposed for a back yard in my block. The drawing at the city showed it towering over the front house.

Infill is threatening the unique character of my historical block and is creating an atmosphere not compatible with permanent residency.

This is stripping me of the quality of life and the pursuit of happiness within the block where I have resided for a quarter of a century.

I do not want to follow the mass exodus of locals to leave this peninsula.

I beg for help among you for my home and my city - Charleston, South Carolina.

Jerry Lee Boyer

Rutledge Avenue