Is dance getting tu tu robotic?

Humans perform with robotic dancers in ROBOT, a new show being performed in New York. (Provided)

Assembly line workers have long feared losing their jobs to robots, and many have.

So have store cashiers, toll booth workers, waiters and customer service representatives.

But dancers? Yes, it appears they too have competition from machines.

And, what might reasonably cause those real dancers to shake in their ballet shoes, those humanoid robots are stealing the show.

According to The New York Times, “ROBOT,” a dance-theater work that had its American debut in Brooklyn last week, features seven tot-sized robots and eight human dancers.

In the signature scene, dancer Gael Rougegrez teaches a robot to walk, the two ultimately engaging in a sweet pas de deux.

But while the human dancers are able to leap and spin and the baby robots tend to topple over as do children learning to walk, it’s the robots that are winning the audience’s affection.

According to The New York Times’ Brian Seibert, “spectators groaned with distress when the robots stumbled and cheered when they righted themselves. ... The human adults had no chance.”

So, now, even dancers, valued for their physical grace and fluid movements, need to watch their backs in the world of technology.

What’s next? Did we mention that the orchestral accompaniment to “ROBOT” consists of 10 mechanical pieces including a flower-shaped marimba and an adding-machine harpsichord?

But choreographer Blanca Li is fully human, giving comfort to people who feel threatened by robots.

At least for now.