The Senate bill to authorize states to require sales tax collection across the country on Internet sales will be a disaster. This bill will hurt or put many small businesses out of business.

There is no way a retailer in Milwaukee, Wis., can keep up with the sales tax law in Cabarrus County, N.C., and what changes that local county may vote on.

State and local departments of revenue are not forgiving of simple mistakes and they nail you with fines and penalties without recourse already; this will only embolden them.

Large retailers like Amazon and CDW can easily pay for accounting personnel and software to monitor all of these changes. But to expect a small reseller to do this will only drive up his costs.

As a result the smaller retailers will close up shop, allowing the larger firms to increase prices. This act is a direct attack on the smaller businesses. The Democrats want to continue to hamper and block the smaller companies from winning to pave the streets for their larger donors.

I urge the House of Representatives to block this bill’s passage and protect the small business employers of America.

Obamacare is already coming and this will be a second punch. The collection of sales tax is between the state and the citizen.

It is not my job as a business owner to pay the taxes for a citizen. I don’t care how Wal-Mart and Amazon want to level their playing field; this will tip the field sharply to the big box online retailers side.

John Stengel

Faber Center