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Healthy prescription for avoiding bugs

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Since the onset of this year’s flu and cold season, I have thought about and then begun practicing methods to thwart passing of flu and cold viruses — and bacteria.

My best method has been well received by all whom I explain it to. That method is bumping elbows.

Infectious microbes are passed between us by “high-fiving,” fist pumping and hugging. Pass up on all of these from Nov. 1 until April 1 each year and stay six feet back to avoid the spraying of the little bugs.

Besides, not everyone is all that thrilled with all that hugging and painful handshakes.

In public restrooms, many people now use paper to touch the door handles.

Some avoid touching the water cooler and avoid grocery check-out counter tops. Handles on doors of better stores will include copper in the alloy to decrease the harmful organisms.

Another thing that bugs me — those red blinking lights with buzzers that announce your food order’s ready. Avoid them like the plague.

Last thought on bumping:

Football players, when they celebrate, jump into the air not to touch hands usually, but to bump backsides.

Art LaBruce, M.D.

Highway 171


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