Hair of the cat can be toxic

In this Monday, Dec. 3, 2012 photo provided by Guinness World Records, Colonel Meow, the cat with the longest fur, poses for a photo in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Guinness World Records, Ryan Schude)

Owning cats comes with some risks — allergies, dead mice and curtains frayed by clawing, to name a few.

But scientists have discovered a new feline risk — an FBI investigation.

Indeed, William Toye in New Orleans pleaded guilty to art fraud in 2011 when the FBI connected him to some cat hair.

As reported recently in Science magazine, Mr. Toye had been suspected of forging the work of Clementine Hunter, an African-American painter from Louisiana. But it was only after forensic tests showed that cat hair was embedded in some of the forgeries and the FBI discovered that the he lived in a house with about 30 cats that Mr. Toye was nailed.

Hair of the dog might make some people feel better after a wild night. Hair of the cat could mean only more headaches.