New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a former prosecutor, supports capital punishment. But the Garden State hasn’t imposed the death penalty in a half century, and its legislature repealed that legal option six years ago.

Still, Gov. Christie didn’t waste any time listening to appeals Friday before taking decisive executive — and executing — action.

As a group of fourth-graders visiting his office watched, the governor spotted a small spider, then dispatched it with a single blow of his hand. As the delighted children applauded the take-charge Republican, he told them that one of the “fun parts” of being governor is that “any bugs get on your desk, you’re allowed to kill them and not get in trouble.”

Gov. Christie later tweeted: “Earlier today I saved a few school children from a spider #nobigdeal #toughdayattheoffice.”

He even provided a link from that tweet to a YouTube video of his pre-emptive strike against the arthropod.

Predictably, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals president Ingrid Newkirk didn’t echo those kids’ approval. In a statement, she pointed out: “Some people put the spider outside, but spiders are often scary to people, and that can prevent them from pondering their worth.”

And while we often find PETA’s perspectives absurd, we do appreciate the worth of any creature that feasts on flies — and mosquitoes.

Now if we could just lure Gov. Christie down our way to dispense his brand of rough justice on our ubiquitous Palmetto bugs.