Mike Frederick of Charleston has won The Post and Courier’s Golden Pen award for March for his letter to the editor “Hotel moratorium.”

The letter began by asking — and answering — a question:

“How many people want another hotel in Charleston? Raise your hand. Just as I thought, no one.”

The letter advocated a moratorium on new hotels in Charleston, pointing out:

“Last year nearly five million tourists came to our city. In the next year or two that figure could easily reach seven million. Add to that the 10,000 new single-family units that will be completed in the next 12 months and we have a serious problem. The fact is we already have a serious problem.”

And: “Why are we in such a mad rush to build new hotel rooms? I understand there may be a few developers who see a chance to make money, but the residents are virtually unanimous against it. So I decided to go to some City Council meetings to see what was going on. It was immediately clear to me that the members of City Council are pro-development and have very little regard for the serious quality of life issues they are creating. It was extremely disappointing.”

The letter concluded:

“Today, we need careful, thoughtful growth. When our city passed the first preservation plan it instructed the BAR to ‘preserve the historic character and sense of place that is Charleston.’ Apparently our City Council has lost sight of those wise instructions.”

Golden Pen winners are invited to an annual luncheon with the editorial staff.