More hotels and inns are going green, as guests expect them to conserve electricity and recycle. Now one bed and breakfast in the British village of Brockenhurst has added cycling to its recycling program.

The “Standing Hat” room at Cottage Lodge features bicycle-powered television. Guests pedal for health and for the health channel — or the BBC.

The room also features low-energy lighting, solar panels and a wood-burning stove to produce hot water.

The toilet is a low-flow variety, as is the shower. The paint is environmentally friendly. The bed, bedside table, dressing table, wardrobe and mirror were crafted by a local tree surgeon from a single beech tree, which had fallen in the village.

The innkeeper told The Telegraph newspaper that the 360-year-old property was a natural as a green retreat: The building was constructed from a reclaimed ship.

Historic recycling is an idea that might inspire more people and businesses to get on board in the Lowcountry where heritage counts.