In the not-so-grand scheme of recent presidents’ credibility gaps, Bill Clinton’s latest dish of deceit is small potatoes.

Still, some folks are fed up with President Clinton repeatedly calling himself a vegan while he continues to consume fish, dairy products, eggs and other fare forbidden in that nutritional regimen.

As Thursday’s New York Daily News reported: “The former president boasted about his significant weight loss since adhering to the diet — a change encouraged by his vegan daughter Chelsea after Clinton’s heart trouble — in AARP magazine’s August/September issue.”

In that magazine article, Mr. Clinton said: “I’ve stopped eating meat, cheese, milk, even fish. No dairy at all ... I have so much more energy now! I feel great.”

President Clinton also urged Americans to follow his vegan example, stressing that “the way we consume food and what we consume” are boosting health care costs.

He even made this patriotic appeal: “You have to make a conscious decision to change for your own well-being, and that of your family and your country.”

Yet in that same AARP interview, Mr. Clinton said that “once a week or so” he eats salmon or omelets to “maintain iron, zinc and muscle mass.”

One irate vegan wrote on the AARP magazine website: “Clinton is NOT a vegan ... This man is still lying.”

Then again, that depends on what the meanings of the words “is,” “not,” “vegan” and “lying” are.