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Charleston voters will decide runoffs for mayor and Council District 3 today. File/Grace Beahm Alford/Staff

The Charleston mayor’s race has come down to this, a runoff Tuesday between incumbent John Tecklenburg and challenger Mike Seekings. We urge voters who turned out for the Nov. 5 general election, and even those who did not, to get to the polls and make your voice heard on Charleston’s future.

We encourage you to cast your vote for Mayor Tecklenburg, who finished in first place in a six-way race two weeks ago. As we noted in our endorsement last month, Mr. Tecklenburg is best positioned to lead the city as it wrestles with flooding, traffic congestion, overdevelopment and increasing affordable housing.

Mayor Tecklenburg showed a steady hand as he notched some notable achievements during his first term, despite resistance from several council members. He persevered in the effort to place more limits on hotel development, pushed ahead with downtown’s deep-tunnel drainage system and played a key role in engaging experts from the Netherlands to help find solutions to flooding across the city. He also set aside more money for affordable housing and began an effort to redevelop West Ashley.

He is committed to tackling these high-profile issues as well as others that impact our quality of life.

Mr. Tecklenburg should get more help from City Council over the next four years as voters revamped council on Election Day, installing three new members who will be more willing to help the mayor move the city forward.

The contest for City Council District 3 also will be decided by a runoff  Tuesday. We believe Jason Sakran is the best choice for this rapidly changing upper-peninsula area and parts of West Ashley.

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Mr. Sakran realizes the critical need for better public transportation and supports the bus rapid transit system between downtown and Summerville. He also backs the innovative solutions that came out of the Dutch Dialogues to reduce flooding. He has promised to work with the mayor and the rest of council in a civil and supportive manner.

Turnout for runoff elections typically decreases from Election Day numbers, which aren’t anything to brag about, either. That’s why it’s important for voters who care about the city to get out there one more time Tuesday and cast your ballots.