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In the private and non-profit sectors, people whose skills are in high demand can demand better pay than those whose skills are easy to find, and pople who do a great job get paid better than those who do just the minimum. That's only fair, and it encourages people to improve.

Now that Okatie’s notorious “Mount Trashmore” has been excavated, state Attorney General Alan Wilson needs to go after whatever assets he can, including the land, to reimburse the taxpayers for the $4.5 million the state spent to haul away four acres of smoldering debris piled up to 90 feet high.

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President Trump’s measured restraint in his address to the nation on Wednesday was the right response to Iran’s mostly symbolic missile attack on two U.S. military bases in Iraq that harmed no one and did little serious damage.

President Trump’s order to kill the commanding general of Iran’s special forces while he was in Iraq, likely plotting more attacks on American targets, has raised a host of problems for the president, America, Iran and Iraq.

As the Charleston region continues to see a dramatic building boom, local governments must ensure their fire inspectors are keeping pace with it all.

The Gospel according to Luke was not written by a witness to the birth of Jesus. In fact, St. Luke probably never even saw Jesus. Rather, he studied the written accounts of the birth and life of Jesus, interviewed the eyewitnesses and compiled all the information into the best-known account …

South Carolina has thousands of Revolutionary War stories just waiting to be shared with a broader audience. Thankfully, there appears to be more energy than ever to bring these stories — and a hugely significant slice of the state’s history — to light, but all of us have a role to play.

Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz said Wednesday he is investigating whether the “basic errors” he found in FBI applications to conduct surveillance of the Trump campaign have been repeated in other applications to the federal court overseeing foreign intelligence surveil…

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