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It takes a lot to get state officials to take back honors they never should have bestowed to start with, as evidenced by highway signs commemorating former politicians who went on to be convicted of buying votes and other federal crimes. But some things are beyond the pale, like allegedly so…

South Carolina manufacturers and farmers have a big stake in next month’s trade talks between China and the United States and the final outcome of their trade war. Their hope is that tensions can be resolved, China’s temporary retaliatory tariffs on American goods will be lifted, and sales t…

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The Trump administration should heed U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham’s warning that any peace deal with the Taliban that results in a complete withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan would open the door to a return of terrorist groups that target the United States and lead to a surge in internat…

When a South Carolina Electric & Gas crew destroyed an active osprey nest atop a power pole in Mount Pleasant more than a year ago, federal wildlife officials sheepishly explained that the utility wouldn’t face punishment because rules under the Endangered Species Act were being rolled back.

The S.C. Public Service Commission has long seemed more concerned about the utilities it’s supposed to regulate than the public it’s supposed to protect from regulated monopolies, so it was refreshing to see it act so quickly Wednesday to correct the perception if not the fact that it was once again carrying water for the industry.

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The University of South Carolina’s response to inquiries from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools should clear up any concerns that the university will lose its accreditation as a result of Gov. Henry McMaster’s involvement in the selection of President Robert Caslen.

It's beyond comprehension that three years after its aerial mosquito spraying program created national outrage by killing off millions of honey bees, the Dorchester County Council has launched a new assault, ending notification to beekeepers of truck spraying so they can protect their hives. 

Rising health care costs continue to put a burden on most Americans. Health insurance premiums rose an average of 5 percent this year in South Carolina, well above the increase in wages. So recent Trump administration moves to put pressure on hospitals and the drug industry to lower prices a…

In light of an investigation into questionable spending by Charleston County employees last year, Berkeley County deserves credit for re-evaluating its own policy and perhaps reeling in some of the 219 purchase cards issued to its roughly 1,280 employees. Dorchester County should follow suit.  

South Carolina's back-to-school sales-tax-free weekend was supposed to help parents afford clothes and supplies. It mainly helps retailers, who get free advertising, and legislators who get to claim they're helping us while actually manipulating our purchases. It's bad tax policy that means a holiday from taxes on wedding gowns, veils, pet sweaters, ski boots and other non-school items.

Common-law marriage came to be accepted in pre-Reformation Europe, when women had little ability to support themselves and children born outside of marriage were treated as outcasts. But the rules were never clear. In South Carolina, a judge had to determine that the couple "“mutually intended to be married to one another.” Try proving that in court. If was dangerously unstable, which is why it was such good news that, after years of waiting for the Legislature to take action, our state Supreme Court has finally declared the end to common-law marriage in South Carolina.

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