As difficult as it is to imagine, some people in downtown Charleston don’t know that “demolish” is a bad word — and usually a futile concept.

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The Charleston County Council is set to vote Tuesday on an agreement to cut the property taxes for a Mercedes-Benz Vans supplier by 43 percent. There’s nothing extraordinary about the proposal. S.C. counties hand out fee-in-lieu-of-taxes agreements to manufacturers like politicians throwing out candy in a parade.

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It’s important to keep South Carolina's expensive recent history in mind as Dominion Energy, the S.C. Chamber of Commerce and the S.C. Manufacturers Alliance start laying the groundwork to argue that we have to have another natural-gas pipeline extended through South Carolina to meet our future energy needs.

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The House of Representatives is going about the proposed impeachment of Donald Trump the wrong way by failing to vote to authorize a formal inquiry and by receiving evidence that the American people cannot see from sources that remain secret.

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President Trump signed two executive orders last week designed to bring accountability to the practice of administrative agencies when issuing “guidance” on how to interpret federal laws and regulations. The welcome move draws attention to how deeply the federal government can reach into ordinary lives and how the public needs better protection from such invasions

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Under South Carolina's new paper ballot system, the quarter of absentee ballots cast in teh 2020 election will have to removed from sealed envelopes and scanned on Election Day, potential delaying results by hours or days. The Legislature can easily correct this problem before it occurs.

A federal court rightly rebuked the FBI last year for breaking the law and violating the Fourth Amendment prohibition against unreasonable searches in its use of government records of communications collected without a court warrant.

A recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention contains the alarming news that maternal deaths associated with pregnancy, childbirth and its aftermath up to one year later have been rising over the past decade in the United States.

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It’s easy to understand why the tiny Pee Dee communities of Nichols and Rosewood are trying so hard to recover after being flooded out twice in three years by monster storms. But as sea level rise and an evolving global climate promise bigger and more frequent storms, rebuilding on flood-prone property becomes ever more dangerous — and expensive. 

The only people who dread report cards more than less-than-superior students are teachers, principals and other school officials. For two decades now, they’ve decried the annual school and district report cards, which have been used by school critics to exaggerate our deficiencies, by real e…

When someone’s been stealing your paycheck every month, and the thefts stop, that’s good news. But it doesn’t fix the problem: You’re still out of months' or even years' worth of stolen income. And even if the thief is prosecuted and convicted, you’ll probably never get much, if any, of your money back.

Jane Lucas Thornhill loved Charleston. She loved its architectural heritage and devoted her time and talents to preserving it. She loved telling visitors about the city’s history and its fine old buildings.

The true value of putting nearly 14,000 acres of private land along the Savannah River under a conservation easement probably won’t be fully realized for generations. But it’s already clear that the effort has made a major contribution to protecting South Carolina’s environment.

The S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control wants to cut by more than half the amount of water Mount Pleasant Waterworks can pump from deep underground to help protect an important aquifer that serves the entire region. It’s reasonable for a state agency to be a good steward of a…

Children who aren't vaccinated for measles, mumps, rubella and other deadly childhood diseases endanger the rest of us. The number is growing as more anti-vaxers claim they have 'religious' objections. The SC Legislature should not allow those with religious waivers to enroll in public schools or colleges.

Led by Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, the nation faces a call to raise Social Security payments by soaking the rich. The two senators obviously are fishing for senior votes, but we don’t yet know what their ideas would cost. It is likely to be trillio…

The SC Department of Disabilities and Special Needs has a tough time serving people with intellectual disabilities, autism and brain and spinal injuries. But it's on auto-pilot after three departures left its part-time governing board unable to conduct business. It's an extreme example of what can go wrong when we ask the governor to fill 6,600 state and local boards.

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SC electric utility Santee Cooper hopes to convince the Legislature not to sell it by assembling a plan to keep ratepayers' power bills down, with more solar energy and less coal. But there's no way to enforce its promises unless it convinces lawmakers to reform its governing system.

In a welcome development of major international significance, three leading European nations that still adhere to the 2015 Obama-era pact setting limits on Iran’s nuclear programs called Wednesday for negotiations to reopen the agreement and broaden its coverage. It is encouraging to see the…

You don’t have to be an ornithologist — or even an avid bird watcher — to have been unsurprised by a recent report on the dramatically diminishing bird populations in North America. Alarmed by the numbers, yes. Understandably so. But not surprised by the trend.

It’s no surprise a posh tennis club is planned along U.S. Highway 17 in Mount Pleasant on 14 acres across from the Charleston Fun Park and a KOA campground. It’s prime property ripe for development. What’s remarkable is that 144 heirs to the property were able to come together, clear the dee…

All that’s left of the historic school building that collapsed at 11½ St. Philip St. in the spring of 2017 are a couple of partial brick walls braced with lumber. So the Preservation Society of Charleston won’t oppose a demolition permit when it comes before the city’s Board of Architectural…

Members of the commission that oversees the Columbia Metropolitan Airport don't just get trips to Hawaii, Las Vegas and other junket sites, the best seats and liquor-stocked hospitality suites as local sporting events, $35 and mileage every time they represent CAE and unlimited airport parking. They also can't be fired unless they break the law. So it's no surprise that ticket prices are high and the airport can't attract airlines or customers. 

Growth and development help fuel the Charleston area’s booming economy, but it’s important that we balance those economic successes with safeguards against the potential perils of all that progress.

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