Dr. Gilbert Bowman Bradham left his mark on medicine in Charleston, on the students he taught at the Medical University of South Carolina, on area physical fitness and on the environment.

A cardiology surgeon, he filled multiple positions at MUSC — clinical, administrative and educational. Among other roles, he was medical director, dean of student life and secretary of the MUSC Board of Trustees.

He was instrumental in the establishment of the MUSC Wellness Center, which serves MUSC staff and personnel but also people throughout the community.

James B. Edwards, retired president of MUSC, said Dr. Bradham, who died Tuesday, was a friend as well as a capable surgeon and colleague.

“We hunted and fished together, and at work he carried out missions for me, always doing it well.”

He was a fitness buff whom Dr. Edwards playfully referred to as the Medical University’s Rambo.

Indeed, he was a triathlete, windsurfer, sailor, master gardener, master scuba diver and a black belt in the martial arts.

He chaired the Cooper River Bridge Run and the Seewee to Santee conservation initiative.

Dr. Bradham wrote three books, including a diet book, and, while he was an imposing, no-nonsense person, he wrote his wife love letters.

He will be remembered in the medical community and beyond for his scholarship, drive and civic spirit.