Counter chilling cruelty to animals

Aurora with her mouth taped shut in an animal cruelty case being investigated by Darlington County authorities. (Photo provided)

Evidence of man’s inhumanity to man abounds. But for a particularly infuriating picture of our kind’s capacity for vicious brutality, it’s hard to top the galling image of a Great Dane found wandering through Darlington on Monday with its mouth taped shut.

This case is a sad reminder of what happened to Caitlyn, a Staffordshire-bull terrier mix found with her muzzle taped shut last year in North Charleston.

Fortunately, Caitlyn, after extensive medical procedures, has recovered.

Aurora, the name given the aforementioned Great Dane by the Darlington County Humane Society, apparently will be OK, too — and without nearly as much veterinarian care as Caitlyn needed.

Yet how can the rest of us recover from knowing just how low some people will go in mistreating dogs, who long ago earned the title Man’s Best Friend?

Yes, it’s a shame that so many people who get so riled up about cruelty to animals somehow overlook the rampant abuse of people. And while Caitlyn and now Aurora have captured considerable attention and sympathy, they’re not the only victims of mankind’s barbarism.

The suspect accused of injuring Caitlyn is still incarcerated at the Cannon Detention Center awaiting trial. The charges include felony animal cruelty, cocaine possession and illegal possession of a firearm.

Darlington County authorities are still searching for a suspect in Aurora’s case.

But while there’s a strong case for tougher laws to protect animals, if you want to help dogs, cats and other creatures in need more quickly, you can donate money — or food and other vital supplies — to worthy organizations that prove humans can be kind to animals.

Those uplifting enterprises include the Charleston Animal Society in North Charleston and Mount Pleasant, Pet Helpers on James Island, the Francis Willis SPCA in Summerville and the Doc Williams SPCA in Moncks Corner.

And, of course, the Darlington County Humane Society.