Gamecocks Vols

Shane Beamer was in selfie demand after the Gamecocks notched one of the biggest wins in their history on Saturday. AP/Artie Walker Jr.

Everyone has something to be thankful for this year, even if it’s just someone else’s big news.

For instance, Roper Hospital is thankful to secure conveniently located high ground for its new digs in the middle of the metro area.

North Charleston folks are thrilled to have a major medical complex — and all the business that'll follow — setting up shop across the street from City Hall.

But even the Medical University of South Carolina can find something to celebrate here. Roper’s move makes MUSC’s downtown expansion plans a little less complicated.

Yes, 'tis the season to look on the bright side. So, just in time for the feast and the Detroit Lions kickoff, here are some other things folks around South Carolina can give thanks for in 2022.

Former Charleston County schools Superintendent Gerrita Postlewait is thankful the school board encouraged her to decide — totally on her own — to resign her job 11 months ago. That, and the accompanying half-million dollar payoff, er, incentive, led to her new gig as superintendent of Lexington One schools.

The best part? Postlewait doesn’t have to work with the new Charleston County School Board.

Speaking of schools, incoming state Education Superintendent Ellen Weaver is eternally thankful for Bob Jones University.

The Greenville college risked its accreditation — and fragile academic credibility — to give her a master’s degree in just six months. How Weaver managed to cram two years of study into a few months is a mystery, and will remain so … as Bob Jones has discontinued the program (and didn’t offer it before).

The university's accommodation saved Weaver possible embarrassment, and the state Republican Party boatloads of cash by not having to defend a lawsuit for electing an unqualified superintendent.

On the subject of constitutional officers, state Attorney General Alan Wilson is thankful there's no crime in South Carolina. Since Wilson, the state’s top prosecutor, apparently doesn’t have any felons to jail, he has ample time to tell the federal Department of Homeland Security, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and even election officials in other states how to do their jobs.

He might run for governor one day, if Henry McMaster ever gives anyone else a chance.

Congresswoman Nancy Mace is thankful for Republicans in the South Carolina Legislature, who really pitched in for her reelection campaign.

In 2020, Mace eked out a 1st District win with 50.6% of the vote, even though she lost the district's anchor — Charleston County — by 10 points. This year, she won by an eye-popping 14-point margin … after lawmakers cut most of the city of Charleston out of the district.

It sure helps to have selfless, and shameless, friends in the GOP — the “G” stands for gerrymander!

Former Gov. Nikki Haley is thankful the national media still remember how to spell her name, and that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has the personality of a slug. That will help the Kiawah resident in her 2024 bid for president.

Haley recently announced that if she’s in, she’s in to win ... and she’s never lost an election. Yet.

Haley can't wait to unveil a campaign slogan sure to win over the sunny dispositions of all those primary voters: It’s a great day in America!

The University of South Carolina is thankful for that $100,000 fine from the Southeastern Conference. The school has to pay up because fans stormed the field at Williams-Brice Stadium Saturday, after the Gamecocks absolutely thumped the once highly ranked Tennessee Vols.

The rare opportunity to celebrate such an epic, quality win should satisfy the modest expectations of Gamecocks fans for a season or two …

And $100K is much cheaper than the millions USC would pay to make another coach go away.

South Carolina Republicans are thankful for Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer for sending the state all that COVID and infrastructure money. Sure, the Republicans voted against it, but they're now spending it like drunken sailors … and taking all the credit.

Since the state started sending out $800 tax "rebates," Facebook has lit up with messages from happy taxpayers saying, “Thank you, Gov. McMaster.”

The national Democratic Party is thankful for former President Donald Trump. Democrats like to complain about him, but Trump gave them the greatest gift of all this year. He supported the candidacies of assorted TV charlatans, election deniers and general loons that no voter with any sense could support.

That kind act helped Democrats avoid the nationwide shellacking they would’ve gotten otherwise. Except here. Which means ...

South Carolina Democrats are thankful for … well, they’ll think of something. One day. Maybe. Don’t count on it.

Everyone else have a Happy Thanksgiving — and don’t talk politics at the dinner table.

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