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Sunday’s editorial warning that the pandemic could “kill top reforms” raised important concerns about education in South Carolina. But there’s a crucial part of education that I fear is slipping through the cracks because we don’t think about it enough: early childhood education and child care.

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Policing an urban environment is significantly different than any other type of law enforcement challenge. A city police force and a police chief must earn and maintain the trust and confidence of the community members they serve. The department is the face of local government, and in the mi…

I took a deep breath, checked my summer-service uniform for correctness, squared my shoulders and took my first steps toward my cousin since last seeing him more than a year earlier.

As South Carolina prepares to emerge from a three-month crash course with statewide online learning, the South Carolina School Boards Association asked local school board members from across the state to share their views on how their districts fared this spring and what they hope to see as …

Unless there’s an epic spike in coronavirus deaths over the summer, South Carolina public schools will reopen this fall. Nobody’s exactly sure what that will look like yet, but one thing’s for certain: Parents won’t be happy, and a good number of them will blame their local school board.

As a former solicitor and deputy solicitor for the 5th Circuit (Richland and Kershaw counties), I was somewhat startled to read the newspaper’s editorial repeating S.C. Supreme Court Justice John Few’s concurring opinion in State v. Quinn referring to Solicitor David Pascoe’s handling of the…

The Senate recently overwhelmingly passed legislation to bar Chinese companies from listing on U.S. stock exchanges unless they take more aggressive steps to confront rampant fraud and Chinese government control. The legislation was bipartisan, sponsored by Sens. John Kennedy, R-Louisiana, a…

Memorial Day is a day to honor the men and women who died in combat while serving in our nation's armed forces. This Memorial Day, as we also observe the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II, is an appropriate time to reflect on William B. Rice of Charleston, who made the supreme sacr…

Many are still learning about the initial plan for building a $1.75 billion wall around much of Charleston’s historic peninsula to minimize damage from future storms, but most already would agree that if it’s built, it should be beautiful.

There is a good reason that Congress has such a low approval rating. Many Americans believe that the bigger the check, the more influence a corporation or person can have on a politician. When citizens sense corporations have the ear of politicians, when the everyday Joe believes he has no v…

Chinyere Okpaleke is a diehard Los Angeles Lakers fan. Her favorite man in purple-and-gold was Kobe Bryant, the legend who coined the “Mamba Mentality” state of mind.

As Gov. Henry McMaster, accelerateSC and leaders across our beloved state continue to tackle the daunting task of reopening and rebuilding our economy, we and the Together SC network of nonprofit leaders and their allies urge that they make equity a top priority.

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