It's obvious to me, the selection of Glenn McConnell as the College of Charleston's next president is newsworthy. This paper, social media, along with radio and TV, have told us all we need or want to know about Glenn McConnell.

I think most of us had hoped, once this selection was made, whoever got the presidency could begin the healing and go to work as president.

Not so fast, Charleston, here comes Dr. Kristi Brian, Ph.D., the director of Diversity, Education and Training, College of Charleston Office of Institutional Diversity.

Director Brian sent a very insightful letter to the faculty and staff of the college.

I hope the Post and Courier will print Dr. Brian's letter, so you can see what your tax dollars are paying for. As I read Dr. Brian's letter, my stomach became tied in knots.

I'll try to explain. Near the start of her letter, Dr. Brian writes: "From my vantage point, the most recent actions of the Board of Trustees demonstrate their interest in upholding the system of white supremacy and maintaining a white majority population on campus."

Next sentence - the trustees "have blatantly demonstrated their disregard for those of us genuinely concerned about the potential damage of having our institution governed by someone who is frequently suspected of being racist."

First sentence, second paragraph, Dr. Brian writes: "The Board of Trustees has now revealed their homophobia and their racism."

Next, she says by electing McConnell, the college will be "closely associated with someone who has proudly defended the Confederacy, an entity built on racial domination and the slavocracy of the United States."

Dr. Brian then writes, "This presidential search has allowed me to witness yet another egregious example of white patriarchal domination, perhaps more vividly than ever before in my lifetime."

As I read and reread her letter, my anger was replaced with empathy. All I could think of was the pain and anger in this woman's letter.

I'd love to be that fly on the wall when she finally gets to meet President Glenn McConnell.

I'd love to see her face when she realizes he's not that ogre she's painted him to be.

But mostly, I hope she can find some forgiveness so she won't self-destruct.

Charlie Lybrand

Charleston County

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Cloudmont Drive