A 50-page report documents what appears to be a pattern of appalling verbal abuse by College of Charleston head men's basketball coach Doug Wojcik against not just players but others, including school employees. Unless Mr. Wojcik can refute the findings of the investigation, he should start packing his bags.

Coach Wojcik does deserve a chance to defend himself. He conceded in a Thursday statement that he needs to "improve relations between myself and members of the men's basketball program," describing himself as "sincerely remorseful."

The exhaustive, independent report is the product of a six-month investigation conducted by Charleston attorney Christy Fargnoli. It was commissioned by the College after numerous complaints about the coach, who is 39-28 in his two seasons at the school.

The report is based on the accounts of, among others, 12 current or former players on Mr. Wojcik's C of C teams. Ten of those players were quoted anonymously. But their numbers bolster the report's credibility. Its troubling contents strengthen the case for his departure.

As former Cougar assistant coach Amir Abdur-Rahim, now at Texas A&M, says in the report on his former boss: "He coaches with a bully mentality."

Among the obscenity-laced, bitterly personal tirades Coach Wojcik has allegedly aimed at his C of C players, as quoted by anonymous players:

To David Wishon: "Your parents did you a disservice because they made you think you're better than what you really are ... no one likes you. You're 7-[expletive]-2 and no one likes you."

To Matt Sundberg: "My wife is five times the woman your girlfriend will ever be. I hope your girlfriend breaks up with you and you end up in the psych ward."

To Canyon Barry, son of NBA Hall of Famer Rick Barry: "I don't see what the big deal is about your family. Your dad is a [expletive]. I wish you were more of a [expletive]. You mom is really negative. You're just like her."

To Theo Johnson: "Why are you getting bad grades? This school isn't even hard. When you graduate, you might as well burn your degree because it's not worth anything."

That last alleged outburst should be particularly offensive to College of Charleston graduates, including the school's new president, Glenn McConnell.

The College of Charleston was founded in 1770. Yet many Americans first became aware of the school more than 220 years later when coach John Kresse's Cougars made four NCAA and two NIT basketball tournaments in a six-season span. Coach Kresse's 1997 team even played the captivating role of "Big Dance" Cinderella with a first-round upset over mighty Arizona.

And though Coach Bobby Cremins never led the C of C to the "Big Dance" before stepping down in 2012, like Coach Kresse, he was a positive ambassador for the school - and our city.

Coach Wojcik apparently doesn't fit that mold.

And barring the emergence of information showing that the investigation's findings are off the mark, Coach Wojcik should go.