If most people had their way, there would be no soft-drink cans floating along waterways. No pieces of foam coolers. No tires discarded in the marsh

But until people stop dropping trash, there are ways for those who want their natural vistas to be litter-free to help.

The first obvious step is not to be a litterbug. Secure items in truck beds. Hold on to trash until a receptacle is accessible. Always leave an outdoor space as clean — or cleaner — than when you found it.

People also can help by picking up trash left by others. Some people carry bags just in case they see a paper napkin blowing along the sidewalk and want to dispose of it properly.

And some people join groups to clean up beaches or rivers or roadsides. They do something good for the community and enjoy doing it with other like-minded people.

If you want to participate in a cleanup, there will be an opportunity on April 22 (Earth Day) at Shem Creek Park on Coleman Boulevard. You can get more information at ggarett@tompsc.com or 849-2022.

You also can watch the newspaper for similar opportunities.

And maybe one day we all can enjoy the area’s extraordinarily beautiful natural places without seeing a paper cup or cigarette butt.