South Carolina is indisputably a wonderful place to live. Otherwise, our population would not have grown so much over the last few decades. Lots of folks from “off” have understandably developed a habit of coming here to stay.

Among the S.C.-residence benefits too numerous to fully list here are our mostly pleasant climate, clean coastline, ample woodlands, beautiful mountains, nice people and, of course, the world-renowned tourist destination of Charleston.

But please, don’t count on South Carolinians to count low gas prices among their Palmetto State blessings.

Sure, as recently reported by The Associated Press, the pump costs in this state “are among the lowest in the nation.”

Yet that story reported that the average S.C. price of a gallon of regular, at $3.73, was still 15 cents higher than on the same date in 2011.

And with gas prices traditionally rising during the summer driving season, the worst sticker shock for fueling up is likely still to come — in South Carolina and beyond.

That’s also troubling news for a state that heavily depends on tourist dollars from visitors who drive to get here. High gas prices tend to lower not just business profits but local and state government revenues.

So enjoy so much that’s so wonderful about South Carolina.

But don’t expect South Carolinians to celebrate “relatively” inexpensive gas at $3.73 a gallon — and climbing.