In a recent article regarding cell phone use in Dorchester District 2 high schools, a principal states that the school administration could no longer enforce the policy banning students from using cell phones during the school day.

Cell phones are a big distraction with teenagers and driving - but in schools?

Allowing them to use cell phones in common areas, hallways and cafeterias will inevitably disturb the instruction of teachers in the classroom.

For example, teachers will have to monitor and take time away from lessons to stop texting, videotaping, snapshots and obviously cheating. A policy of this magnitude is an outrage and another burden on good teachers.

If students are not held accountable for their actions, society suffers. Case in point: Punctuality, respect, responsibility for assignments, tests, major projects, quizzes, homework etc. are all paramount for learning subject matter.

Now if a teacher assigns a student a zero for not turning in assignments, and he thus fails the course, the teacher is held responsible for failing too many students. Therefore the teacher must re-teach, tutor, prepare and grade extra assignments for the failing students who did nothing in the first place. It's an outrage.

Fail students? Of course not. They must graduate to receive the coveted school report card, which looks great, but does not ensure productive, punctual, well-prepared citizens for our workforce. Another outrage.

Why is it that we cannot make rules, set academic requirements and access actual assignments? And, yes, fail students who are too lazy and irresponsible to come to class on time, be respectful and be prepared for class.

Not preparing homework is a zero, not preparing for a test is a failing grade. If they fail the subject the student repeats the course - not the teacher.

And, of course, give them a cell phone. I guarantee they will remember to bring that to class.

David Neal

S. Main Street