This diocese and Bishop Mark Lawrence have worked strenuously to stay in the Episcopal Church while maintaining the historic faith and doctrine as this church has received it. With all its claims to inclusion, the increasingly intolerant Episcopal Church has excluded this diocese from its fold. Bishop Lawrence has now been accused of abandoning the church by those who themselves have:

1) abandoned the historic independence and sovereignty of dioceses by an unprecedented and illegal invasion of dioceses by the presiding bishop.

2) abandoned the teaching of the Anglican Communion in violation of Lambeth Resolution 1:10 which maintains marriage as the context for sexual expression.

3) abandoned the constitution of the church by passing canons that invade the sovereignty of dioceses and replace the historic canonical rights and protections for clergy and laity.

4) abandoned the rights of bishops by illegally deposing Bishops John David Schofield, John Iker, Edward McBurney, William Wantland, William Cox, and Robert Duncan.

5) abandoned the Christian faith by failure in their duty to correct and discipline those bishops who have denied the very oaths they made at their consecrations.

6) abandoned responsibility for Christian leadership in the example of the Presiding Bishop Katherine Jefferts Schori’s explicit favor towards Marcus Borg (“he has opened the scripture for me”) who reduces Jesus Christ to a “shaman,” a mere man like Abraham, Moses or Mohammed.

Bishop Mark Lawrence and this diocese have not abandoned the Episcopal Church. The Episcopal Church leadership has abandoned not only this bishop and this diocese but its own heritage and the Christian faith itself.

It is ironic that the Episcopal Church is one of the most rapidly shrinking denominations but is now throwing overboard one of its very few growing dioceses

THE Rt. Rev. C. FitzSimons Allison

12th Bishop of South Carolina (Retired)

Indigo Avenue


So let me get this “straight.” Former Episcopal Bishop Mark Lawrence and the former Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina believe that it is OK to perform blessings for pets, book bags, and bicycles, but not for loving, same-sex relationships?

And they hold this belief so strongly that they are willing to leave their denomination? Yes, literally speaking, at a minimum, the Bible speaks against at least some types of homosexual relations. The last time the diocese pulled a similar stunt it was over slavery.

And the Bible clearly is in favor of slavery. An entire New Testament epistle is about a slave doing the right thing by returning to his master.

However, 150 years ago the diocese was wrong and later came back into the fold. They are wrong now.

May God forgive them and may She continue to show them the love, compassion, and mercy they are failing to show to their LGBT brothers and sisters.

Brian Cheuvront

Springfield Road

Mount Pleasant