I want to commend Hanna Raskin on her well-researched two-part series on drinking in Charleston. She quoted anthropologist Janet Chrzan saying about an aspect of drinking, “It’s not actually a problem unless there are consequences.” Some consequences are immediate, but others come later.

Children exposed to the daytime or nighttime drinking habits of their parents, friends’ parents, neighbors or fellow church members might not be affected until they become teenagers, when some begin drinking. The consequences can be deadly, particularly when drinking and driving.

Another consequence that might not be immediate is binge drinking. How many young people drink without realizing they’re binge drinkers?

They should read Ms. Raskin’s list of consequences of excessive drinking.

Churches are now acting as bars, and their members as bartenders as they sell alcohol for fundraisers. Will churches and members be responsible if patrons overindulge, drive and cause accidents?

Maybe Christian drinkers need to ask themselves if they’re always able to hear and discern what the Holy Spirit says to them.

It’s sad that to party is now synonymous with drinking alcohol. Some people feel that they can’t have a good time unless they drink or, in some cases, get drunk. When a drunk person says he’s “wasted,” I guess he is correct. Just read the immediate and long-term affects of drinking in Ms. Raskin’s article.

Cheryl Mushrush

Pearlfield Road