While some other Southern cities did not act in a timely fashion to the National Weather Service (NWS) warnings of a major winter storm event, Charleston leaders and those leaders in the metropolitan area acted decisively and boldly and prevented Charleston from the dire circumstances that were still facing other cities long after the storm passed through.

Much gratitude is due to the NWS in Charleston and our local radio and TV media weather forecasters for their warnings.

We also can be thankful for our local leaders, Mayor Joe Riley and Cathy Haynes of the Charleston Emergency Operations Center, for strongly advising schools to close and commerce to take a break.

That two-day interruption in the daily lives of Charlestonians was no fun, but we prepared for the storm in advance, and we were ready even though snowy, icy weather is an infrequent event in our area.

The storm, which did in fact close our lifeline bridges and roads, was addressed as professionally and boldly as could be expected, and we all can be proud of our local leaders for their decision making and our schools and businesses for their actions. This is one time when government really did help us.

Mike West

Captain, U.S. Navy (Retired)

Ashmont Drive