Some politicians have a knack for figuratively landing on their feet. But the mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska, has a knack for literally landing on his feet.

That’s because he’s a cat.

And OK, so he’s not really the mayor — though he did garner the most mayoral votes 15 years ago in the little tourist town of 900 or so. (Those voters were cast by people, not critters). Back then, the tail-less, yellowish, mixed Manx was a mere kitten adopted by the folks at Nagley’s General Store.

The “honorary mayor,” rather than bossing folks around at Town Hall, displays his common touch by hanging out at Nagley’s. He also boosts the local economy as a tourist attraction in a town known for good salmon fishing — and, as its feline denizens know, good salmon eating.

Skye Farrar, who works at Nagley’s, told Anchorage’s KTUU-TV that guides will tell out-of-towners to go to the store “and ask for the mayor — we probably have 30 to 40 people a day come in who are tourists wanting to see him.”

Mayor Stubbs has some admirable qualities that are all too rare in human politicians.

As Nagley’s manager Lauri Stec pointed out: “He doesn’t interfere with business. He’s honest.”

And unlike so many elected officials who walk on two legs, Mayor Stubbs has never given an over-long speech, made promises he can’t keep or raised taxes.