I have never agreed with gambling, and I am not one to take much risk. But I have to admit to buying the occasional Powerball ticket.

It is indeed a little bit fun to imagine hitting the big ticket with the lottery, never having to worry about working again or having to struggle with bill paying again.

Since the year 2000, South Carolina has missed out on $200 million a year because we got rid of video poker.

Thank goodness, too. I am sure it was a struggle for our state government to find a place to spend all of that money. It would only have amounted to $2.8 billion from 2000-2014. I am thankful that the state of South Carolina has made all of the poor people of South Carolina less poor. Yes, doing away with video poker has saved the poor people of South Carolina from being exposed to that vile habit.

In 2002 South Carolina voted in the S.C. Educational Lottery so that all of our children would get “free” college. It’s still not free.

I’m not good at Common Core or New Modern Math, but I’ve got a good bit of common sense. I am sure the poor and needy of South Carolina are indeed no better off since video poker went away.

All South Carolinians could benefit from the revenue that has been lost to the demise of video poker.

Again, 14 years of lost revenue could build an awful lot of roads and bridges or pay for a lot of college education.

Brad Solomon

Bee Street