There's no such thing as a bad day to donate to a worthy nonprofit. But there is a particularly good day to donate - today. It's Lowcountry Giving Day.

In a nutshell, when you make a donation today to any of almost 100 participating charities, your gift will grow. Your $100 gift could become $150 or $200 or more. And the organization or organizations of your choice will benefit exponentially.

The event is being facilitated by the Coastal Community Foundation locally. But more than 100 other community foundations across the country are doing the same thing today in their regions.

In each case, philanthropists have made large gifts to serve as the match money. Here, the Zucker and Pearlstine families provided the lead gifts. Anita Zucker's $1 million is designated for organizations that support education. Nancye Starnes and Lenna Macdonald's $110,000 is for members of the Charleston Regional Alliance for the Arts.

But the array of nonprofits is wide - human needs, child welfare, medical care, help for senior citizens, literacy, arts, education and more.

For a complete list or to donate, go to Throughout the day, the website will show how much has been raised nationally, locally and by specific nonprofits.

And as numbers rise, so will the hopes for the community. And so will your spirits.

It's a very good day to support a nonprofit.