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For anyone who imagined that USC President Bob Caslen’s promise to control costs would include breaking from the football-first mentality and running a university whose top priority is producing well-educated graduates — or even well-rounded student-athletes — the decision by athletics director Ray Tanner and Mr. Caslen to fire football coach Will Muschamp was a sobering jolt to reality. 

The first streetlights in South Carolina and across the country undoubtedly did a lot of good by reducing crime and accidents along formerly dark city streets. But they also have left a costly, toxic legacy — one that cities, power companies and others must continue to grapple with.

For more than three months, Congress has postponed a new round of help for individuals and small businesses that have lost income because of anti-COVID measures — as well as similar assistance for cities and towns that badly need it.

2020 is an exhausting gauntlet that's still trying our faith, patience and strength. But Americans in general and South Carolinians in particular are especially resilient, and we're optimistic by nature. So today, as we gather in person or remotely to celebrate this uniquely 2020 edition of Thanksgiving, let's remember some of the many blessings we can be grateful for amid this difficult year.

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It’s understandable if you’ve grown a little weary of the safety precautions designed to help stop the spread of COVID-19. We’ve been at this since March. But with people gathering for Thanksgiving and cases on the rise, this is no time to abandon our efforts against the deadly virus.

President Donald Trump announced three executive actions Friday that are designed to lower prescription drug prices for seniors, the federal government and others. The new rules, which could take effect as early as January, disrupt business-as-usual drug pricing and address a widespread concern.

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Thanksgiving is a great time for counting our blessings and expressing gratitude. In challenging times, an attitude of gratitude is all the more important, and this year has been one of the most difficult for so many. Nevertheless, we’ve seen many people in communities across our country who…

North Charleston is off to a promising start with its initial approval of a zoning overlay that would strengthen protections for its portion of the Ashley River Historic District. But anyone interested in preserving this uniquely scenic, rural and historic area — which should be everyone — m…

Acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller announced last week that the United States will withdraw 2,000 troops from Afghanistan and 500 from Iraq by mid-January, leaving about 2,500 in each country. It is a risky move, but one we hope is successful.

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For months, there have been comparisons of Joseph R. Biden (JRB) to Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) and Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ), two presidents who served at times of significant crisis in our country. After some reflection, I thought of a rather personal sports metaphor.

The reason there is an affordable housing crisis in the tri-county area is because there are no price controls on what Realtors and landlords can charge. Free markets are a good thing only if vulnerable buyers and renters are protected.

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It’s been clear for months that the COVID-19 pandemic would pack a powerful fiscal punch to cities and counties across the nation. The magnitude of that economic hit is becoming more clear by the day, especially with prospects dimming that Washington will reach an agreement anytime soon on a…

Five panelists at a recent Charleston Forum event agreed that every child should be able to succeed in school and that the current system needs reform. While they expressed widely divergent views on how to go about immediate and longer-term reforms, some important themes emerged that bear re…

One of the big problems facing our new president is what to do about two downward spirals in the Arctic. One is the warming of the Arctic Ocean. The other is Russia’s increasing determination to aggressively exploit that trend. Both developments pose major dangers to the United States.

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When voters recently went to the polls to choose who would represent South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District, few likely had gender on their minds. And that’s probably as it should have been: Both GOP challenger Nancy Mace and Democratic U.S. Rep. Joe Cunningham talked about a lot of iss…

In the recent elections, Americans expressed with considerable clarity they are not receptive to the radical agenda embraced by too many Democrats since Elizabeth Warren and Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez stormed Washington.

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For people of our time to take the meaningful and significant contributions of certain forebears and reduce them to nothing because those forebears may have merely blended in with some of the unfortunate circumstances of their day amounts to judgmental revisionism at its worst.

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We had hoped that once the nation was past the rancorous Nov. 3 election, South Carolina’s Lindsey Graham would revert to the bipartisan leader whose pragmatism was an admirable feature of his three previous terms in the U.S. Senate.

President-elect Joe Biden has rightly expressed the need to increase and improve permanent and temporary visas for employment. We hope his view will provide a foundation on which to build bipartisan support for long-elusive but urgently needed immigration reform.

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