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Elections have consequences. Indeed, they do, from how Americans get health care to how schools are run and guns are regulated, to how national security is handled and how economic policies are decided. And, of course, who gets to be president.

While Hillary Clinton’s recent attacks on Bernie Sanders grabbed the headlines, the Democrats’ 2016 presidential nominee also directed her ire at the Republican Party, claiming it plans to “steal votes” in the coming election.

Charleston is rewriting its book on drainage and needs to send a strong message to developers about (mostly) freshwater flooding. That’s why City Councilman Harry Griffin in October proposed a ban on “fill-and-build” construction to stop developers from using fill dirt to meet flood standard…

SC legislators are debating a 'Teacher Bill of Rights' as part of their education reform bills. The House included one version of it in the education reform bill it passed last year. Senators are currently debating another version.

The inequality between Charleston’s predominantly white schools and majority African American schools has a long history. The dispute over the recent decision by the Charleston County School Board to seek equity in the county’s schools has its roots in discrimination and racism of the Jim Crow era.

Nearly 52 years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. marched with striking sanitation workers in Memphis who were demanding higher pay, safe working conditions and the right to a union. “It’s a crime in a rich nation for people to receive starvation wages,” he said. Those were Dr. King’s final da…

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The Science Advisory Board of the Environmental Protection Agency recently issued stiff and warranted criticism of the agency for ignoring the science affecting some of its more controversial rulings. It is reassuring that the scientific viewpoint so necessary to sound environmental policy r…

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This year, the South Carolina Legislature may consider much needed reforms to our antiquated and burdensome system of business licensing. The current system hampers entrepreneurship and the growth of small business, putting South Carolina at a competitive disadvantage. A report I authored on…

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The South Carolina Legislature needs to reform the University of South Carolina Board of Trustees. USC is governed by a board majority that demonstrates a reckless disregard for fiduciary duties, a contempt for procedures and a shocking ignorance of applicable state laws. This behavior has e…

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After Mark Sanford hauled defecating piglets up the ornate Statehouse staircase to the House chamber in a made-for-TV protest of all that spending on local festivals and community programs that he had vetoed and the Legislature had reinstated without so much as reading his veto letter, the p…

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In the private and non-profit sectors, people whose skills are in high demand can demand better pay than those whose skills are easy to find, and pople who do a great job get paid better than those who do just the minimum. That's only fair, and it encourages people to improve.

Freida McDuffie, who pointed out how state lawmakers get “hot and bothered” when constituents disagree with school board decisions but are otherwise disengaged, is the winner of The Post and Courier’s latest Golden Pen for her letter published Dec. 26.

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