Barbara Bush once said that she learned “the importance of friendship and values” while a boarding student at Ashley Hall in Charleston.

The Charleston County greenbelt program has been wildly successful, ringing the region with tens of thousands of acres of preserved land, but there’s now a move afoot to change the rural/urban funding split from 70/30 to 50/50.


U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, who is used to being surrounded by diplomats representing murderous regimes, has found out the most dangerous place for her to be: between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.


Just four years ago, I was a cheerleader. Social media was supposed to be the great hope for democracy. I know because I told the world so. I said in 2014 that no one could predict where this revolution would take us. My conclusion was dusted with optimism: A better connected human race woul…


WASHINGTON — Coming soon to a cinema near you — you can make this happen; read on — is a bite-your-nails true-story thriller featuring heroes, villains and a history-making struggle over ... the Constitution’s Takings Clause. Next Feb. 24, “Little Pink House” will win the Oscar for best pict…

SCANA stockholders continue to be demonized unfairly. They don’t need a buzz cut any more than the ratepayers. Many of the stockholders are retirees who bought the stock for dividends to supplement their incomes.

In an April 16 op-ed, “No need to expand offshore drilling,” the writer states there is no need for drastic measures to secure petroleum because of increasing numbers of electric cars.

On April 15 I had the unfortunate experience of having to drive from Florence to Charleston during the high winds and rain. The experience was “unfortunate” due to the inconsiderate actions of other drivers.

South Carolina is not interested in rehabilitating prisoners. It doesn’t care about “humane practices.” And it doesn’t believe people can change, despite evidence to the contrary.

Regarding the April 15 headline on The Washington Post story, “Trump: ‘Mission Accomplished:’” It wasn’t very smart for the president to say that because of the negative reminder of President George Bush and Iraq, but he did say it.

Cuban President Raul Castro will resign sometime this week. The National Assembly of People’s Power will choose his successor — probably First Vice President Miguel Diaz-Canel.

The Charleston County School District’s $1.8 million plan for posting armed school resource officers in all 49 elementary and primary schools is a reasonable, measured response to the threat of school violence. It would give parents and teachers peace of mind without breaking the bank.


Though very different men, soon-to-be-former House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., and ousted FBI Director James Comey have something in common. Both fell prey in recent years to the same Washington occupational hazard: reliance on conventional wisdom.


To an inappropriate degree, both advocates and opponents of President Donald Trump’s immigration approach looked to Sessions v. Dimaya to get a read on the Supreme Court’s reaction to the administration’s policies. The administration lost this one, with the newest justice, Neil Gorsuch, conc…

According to a Gallup poll, only 17 percent of the public can answer four of the five most basic questions about government and politics. The remaining 83 percent fail. That includes at least half of college graduates, which shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Let me get this straight. Millions and millions of people go on the internet and show the world their pictures, their families’ pictures, their friends’ pictures, tell the world their likes and dislikes and where they are any time of day or night. After all that, they complain their “privacy…

I read The Post and Courier every day, especially any articles about public transportation since I have been a user of these services for 12 years.

I think I know the best way to cut through this fog on South Carolina’s nuclear debacle.

I Just finished reading R.L. Schreadley’s April 13 column. It’s funny because we’ve all been there.

While David Quick’s April 15 article “Garden bedfellows” provided information and some facts, there is more. Urban and suburban gardens and small organic/biodynamic farms are not inclusive of all local farms.

Human trafficking is a serious problem in South Carolina. According to the S.C. Attorney General’s task force, 78 cases were reported in the state in 2016. Fifty-six of those cases were sex trafficking, 17 labor trafficking, two sex-and- labor trafficking, and three were classified as other …

This is the perfect time for South Carolina to begin to collect tax on all internet sales (Post and Courier, March 16). Now that we are all flush with President Trump’s recent tax cut (averaging $6 per worker per week), no one should have a problem paying a little extra. And we haven’t even …

It’s easy for prisoners to be out of sight, out of mind, until an explosion of violence like the tragedy at Lee Correctional Institution that left seven inmates dead and 17 others hospitalized. The carnage highlights the critical need to fill vacant guard positions and to speed up much-neede…

Following last week’s crippling sanctions on individuals and companies closely connected to Russian President Vladimir Putin, President Trump’s recent moves, including Friday’s missile attack on Syrian chemical warfare facilities, are a further warning to Moscow to change its behavior or fac…


I believe former FBI director James Comey is an able and sincere man. But by his own admissions, he is a timid leader who lacks poise when he needs it most. Comey’s own retelling of his encounters with President Donald Trump suggests that he was intimidated by the president.


T ax time is here again, but while almost 100 percent of households will be filing their federal taxes, only about 40 percent will actually pay any. According to the Congressional Budget Office, 60 percent of U.S. households actually receive more money from the federal government than they p…


The bloody mess that is Syria stands as Exhibit A of what is happening to global order with the retreat of American leadership. The carefully circumscribed strike ordered by President Donald Trump last week will do nothing to change the reality that he, like Barack Obama before him, has left…


Now that I’ve seen that Mark Zuckerberg actually owns a big-boy suit, I feel much better about the future of Facebook. OK, no I don’t.

Draining the swamp has been the mantra for the past 18 months. Why it’s taking so long is beyond me. Just get rid of all the crooks and liars.

During the past year we have heard a lot of rhetoric from President Trump and the North Korean dictator concerning how they can inflict serious damage on each other with nuclear weapons.

Former FBI Director James Comey has been criticized for being “snarky” and “petty” in describing President Trump in his book, “A Higher Loyalty.” I wonder where he learned to be like that?

How fortunate we are to live in a country where the rule of law exists as a moral right, where people can say to the powerful: “That is not right.”

I was pleased to see that The Post and Courier added a second restaurant reviewer. We have become a foodie town.

Bloomberg View columnist Noah Smith in his April 11 op-ed reminds us of the cost-plus municipal decisions regarding rapid transit, while balancing the necessary subsidization of existing systems with the benefits accrued to the citizens.

The I-526 supporters are again trying to push the extension down our throats. It would now be one big parking lot, but who cares? I like sitting in traffic waiting to move during rush hour. Doesn’t everyone?

Hurricane season officially starts in a little under two months. It’s never too early to start preparing. But if Gov. Henry McMaster has his way, some of South Carolina’s National Guard troops might be more than 1,000 miles away on the border between Texas and Mexico.

The United States has a food waste problem. A big one. As much as 40 percent of the nation’s food supply — 133 billion pounds or at least $161 billion worth of food — ends up in the trash each year, according to the federal Department of Agriculture.


The Trump administration is declaring victory after striking three Syrian government chemical weapons sites. But the White House hasn’t learned the lessons of last year’s “pinprick” strikes on the Assad regime. Unless some sort of accountability is imposed on the Syrian president, Bashar al-…


Ronald Reagan once quipped that he didn’t worry about the budget deficit, because it was “big enough to take care of itself.” On that theory we should be relieved to learn that the Congressional Budget Office is projecting a deficit larger than $1 trillion in 2020.


This Friday marks the eighth anniversary of the tragic Deepwater Horizon disaster, yet rather than learn from past mistakes, the Trump administration is seeking to continue down the risky path of expanded offshore oil drilling.

Like many, I am baffled and heartsick over the taunting of the survivors of the Florida school massacre. The lack of empathy in our country takes my breath away. Reading the accounts of physicians who treated the victims revealed the literal overkill of weapons such as the AR-15. Many vetera…

If people aren’t paying attention I guess they would think that everything is OK with being on Facebook, but I believe there is a catch.

I have been on this earth for some time, and over the years so many adages have proven true time and again. However, there are times when those truisms fall short. For instance, let’s take the saying that hindsight is 20/20.

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