Thanksgiving comes early this year, which means there was barely time to empty the Halloween candy bowl before the barrage of advice began about the fabulous new things you can do to liven up Thanksgiving.

South Carolina has spent millions of dollars trying to improve education. All kinds of smart people come up with solutions that just do not work. South Carolina is still near the bottom of the list nationally.

In the 40 years I’ve lived in Charleston, The Post and Courier has periodically published a series of articles describing the abysmal state of public education, most recently the special report called “Minimally Adequate.”

Jennifer Rubin’s column, “We’re all the ‘real America,’” in the Nov. 12 Post and Courier is her usual rant against everything Trump.

It’s great to hear that our legislators are asking teachers how we can do better. These are the experts. Less testing, a raise so they don’t need a second job to pay their bills, etc. Now let’s hope they are listening. Time will tell.

I’m writing to comment on the Nov. 15 Post and Courier editorial regarding the nation’s wage problem. Thank you for pointing out the differences in wage growth over the last half century. You correctly mentioned the need for structural reforms to make wages more equitable.

Massive losses from wildfires in the United States over the past 24 months have been overwhelming. These losses far outnumber any losses to terrorists or organized military actions.

British Prime Minister Theresa May makes your average Atlantic mollusk, gripping its wave-smashed rock-pool, look like an amateur. She was buffeted but unmovable on Thursday as she withstood three hours of questions from a despairing House of Commons. The prime minister had just published he…

Believe it or not, I now have something in common with Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz and two other prominent Republicans: Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and former EPA chief Scott Pruitt.

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By any reckoning, there was a lot of life in Clauson Ronald Coward’s 82 years. His death last week leaves us to ponder his remarkable legacy of civic leadership — and its inspiration for the younger folks of Greater Charleston whose leadership always is being summoned.

The time is most certainly right for a carbon tax and for the Oct. 29 editorial in The Post and Courier advocating it. Conservative economists such as Martin Feldstein, Gregory Mankiw and the recent Nobel Prize winner William Nordhaus have been advocating for a carbon tax ever since it becam…

The U.S. Postal Service has proposed increasing the cost of the Forever stamp from 50 cents to 55 cents. This increase is needed to help with the forever increasing debt the USPS has incurred.

To The Post and Courier and in particular Brian Hicks: The election is over. Your candidate won. To continue to malign and belittle Katie Arrington is like pouring salt in an open wound. Not a very attractive quality, even for people like you.

On behalf of Save the Light, the board of directors would like to thank state Sen. Sandy Senn and Rep. Peter McCoy for helping to secure much-needed funding toward the preservation and restoration of the Morris Island Lighthouse.

The Post and Courier should be congratulated for highlighting the school problem in our state. The lack of medical support and mentoring for youngsters, as well as commerce, also need attention.

The Food and Drug Administration may be a scientific agency, but that doesn’t mean it always lives up to medical science. Too often it makes the wrong call on products that might exacerbate problems facing our country, such as the opioid epidemic.

Are you ready for some stalemate? Over the next two years, Washington deliberations will resemble one of those 1960s-era football games in which moving the ball was hard and touchdowns were rare. This will not be the irresistible force meeting the immovable object. It will be two immovable objects.

An elementary school teacher walks around her classroom in Louisiana asking each of her young students what they want to pray for, they bow their heads and she recites a Christian prayer. But not all of her students are Christian. Do they opt out and risk being ostracized?

If your smartphone battery dies, it’s frustrating, but you can find a land line somewhere. Or if your car’s backup camera goes down, you can always turn around and look out of the rear window — the way it was done in the early 2000s.

Enough already with this stupid changing of our clocks twice a year. Popular opinion is that we’re sick of it, so let’s see if our newly elected divided Congress can at least work across the aisle on this simple, nonpartisan, widely disliked issue.

I loved Brian Hicks’ Nov. 9 column about Katie Arrington’s ego-driven, Trumpian, ludicrous blaming of Mark Sanford for her loss. The sweeping gains of Democrats, even in highly Republican states such as South Carolina, reflect the voters’ desire for a return to civility.

I can’t agree more with the Nov. 7 editorial titled “Fair elections: End gerrymandering.” But there is a negative consequence of gerrymandering that needs to be more explicitly called out.

Here are some facts we need to look at before we ban plastic bags. Making paper bags requires four times more energy than making plastic bags. Producing paper bags creates 50 times more water pollution and 70 percent more air pollution than producing plastic bags. And 98 percent more energy …

AI stands for artificial intelligence. No, not what Washington, D.C., uses but a technology in its early stages of development.

A recent editorial in The Post and Courier suggested big business tax breaks could be harming local taxpayers. As president of South Carolina’s largest economic development organization, I’d like to further explain the issues so citizens understand that tax breaks, aka “incentives,” actually…

When polarity defines us, it’s easy to lose sight of our common humanity.

Having run around the country as a modern Prince Charming in search of Cinderella, Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s boss, has decided that two hopefuls fit the slipper: Crystal City, Va., and Queens, N.Y.

The midterms suggest that President Donald Trump needs to double down on populism, just not the sort that’s been his signature to this point.

The word-processing error that unintentionally revealed the Justice Department’s sealed charges against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is fascinating, not least because analogous mistakes can be found in texts going all the way back to the Babylonian Epic of Gilgamesh.

The world’s oldest political party has developed an aversion to discretion. The Democratic Party is manacled to an over-caffeinated base that believes that deft government can deliver parity of status to everyone while micromanaging the economy’s health care sector, which is larger than all …

On behalf of The National Society of the Colonial Dames of America in South Carolina, which owns The Powder Magazine, I would like to respond to the Nov. 14 letter titled “Gun safety.”

After reading all of the opinions and letters to the editor concerning the Medal of Honor Museum and Patriots Point, we should all know by now of the fantastic possibilities available to us. Patriots Point already has the aircraft carrier Yorktown and the destroyer Laffey. Almost for the ask…

I have undertaken the challenge that a pharmacist offered to South Carolina physicians in her Nov. 7 Post and Courier letter to the editor. She wants us to read the proposed S.C. medical marijuana bill to see that it mandates a bona fide relationship between physician and patient.

When it comes to preserving historic properties like Gippy Plantation, fast-growing Berkeley County needs a new bag of tools to better manage development. Zoning laws alone will be insufficient, and S.C. Conservation Bank funds will only go so far as the demand for new housing puts rural pro…

The horrifying murder of Saudi exile journalist Jamal Khashoggi must have consequences for the perpetrators. It should also point to the need for the U.S. government to treat the Saudi government, an ally of necessity, with greater caution. But it would be unwise to endanger the alliance wit…

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