Goose Creek police need help identifying suspect in burglary

Goose Creek police released this surveillance photo of a suspect in a military preschool burglary.

Police detectives in Goose Creek released surveillance footage of one of two men they say burglarized a military preschool and vandalized security cameras last week.

The crime apparently happened sometime Friday morning at the Child Development Center at 1693 Von Steuben Circle, a children's school for military families at the Naval Weapons Station Charleston.

An incident report with the Goose Creek Police Department said a black man and a white man carrying back packs entered the building by removing glass from a classroom door. Surveillance footage shows them turning one video camera and removing another in "an apparent attempt to avoid identification."

The report says the men removed another camera from a different room and left the building carrying the two cameras they had removed. Each were valued at $300.

At some point, the burglars also destroyed an exterior camera.

The report said security officers at the weapons station didn't report the break-in until more than 12 hours after the damage was discovered because they wanted to first determine that a "burglary" had indeed occurred.

A police officer collected DNA evidence at the scene.

Investigators hoped the public could help identify one of the burglars caught on camera.

People with information in the case should call the Goose Creek Police Department at 863-5200, ext. 336, the Crime Tip Line at 843-572-5210 or Crime Stoppers at 843-554-1111.