Architects honoring Mepkin Abbey Firefighter Memorial

The council ring at the center of Mepkin’s Charleston 9 memorial includes nine cubes that serve as large benches. In the middle lies a circular, altar-like structure patterned after one of the windows in Mepkin Abbey’s church.

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama is touching nearly every region of the country to stir up cash and attention for Democrats, launching a three-day trip in which he will also remind people of his plans to fix a lumbering economy.

Obama will spend the heart of his Monday in Wisconsin, raising money for gubernatorial candidate Tom Barrett and other Wisconsin Democrats. He will cap his day at a glitzy fundraiser in Los Angeles to help congressional Democratic candidates.

The official business of the trip comes at the start in Milwaukee, where Obama will speak at a company that makes energy storage battery systems. He hopes to underscore a message that the nation is rebuilding its economy for the long run by investing in projects like clean energy.