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TRUE TALK: Need for speed

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Michael Martin

Back in the spring, I became completely consumed with a documentary series on Netflix about Formula 1 racing. Before watching this show, I knew nothing about F1.

Each year in F1, racing cars are redesigned with the newest and best technologies of the year. Every inch of the car is carefully dissected to make sure that each part of the car is pushing towards the goal of better output performance. They are looking to make the car have more top-end speed, acceleration, handling and so much more.

The team at the top of the constructor standings (team championship) in F1 for the past seven years has been Mercedes. They have successfully built the car with the best output each of those years.

What would happen if Mercedes decided to not make any changes to their car this year? Would they expect to keep getting better and winning championships? Probably not.

The team engineers at Mercedes would be considered crazy if they made no changes to their car and expected better output performance. This concept is also true for us who call ourselves believers. How often do we make no changes to our daily life and expect a better output?

Our desired life output as believers consists of looking more like Jesus. I think that we would all agree that we want that type of output in our lives, but so often we don’t make the necessary changes to achieve that output. We go about our lives the same way hoping that our output will be different.

Romans 12:2 says, “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

Pray that God would renew your mind, but don’t stop with prayer. Spend time in the Word. Spend time listening to worship music. Maybe for you, it’s putting down some of the distraction of screens and asking the Lord to reveal to you those obstacles in the way of becoming more like Him. Take an action step today to change your output.

Michael Martin is the Worship Pastor at TrueNorth Church in North Augusta. For more information, visit

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