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Local educator writes a children's book about shapes and being special

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North Augusta native and vice principal at W.E. Parker Elementary School has written a children’s book about shapes and life lessons.

“'Trap of Zoid' is about a square who thinks of life as pretty mundane, but his mom sees something special in him and eventually another character comes to planet Zoid and sees something special in him and he transforms from a square into a trapezoid by accident, but it kind of worked out and he became Trap of Zoid because he taken to their planet and became their king actually,” Denise Neman, the author of the book, said.

Newman reached out to eighth grader Abigail Turner to do the illustrations for the book.

“I felt super overjoyed – it was a shock because I didn’t expect a big opportunity to come along. I’m humbled and thankful,” Turner said.

Newman said it was really a “no-brainer” since she knew Turner’s mom and dad from high school, and they have been showcasing her work for quite some time.

“When I knew I needed to get an illustrator for this book she was the first person I went to, so it was not a hard decision,” Newman said.

Turner said each illustration took about 30 minutes to create, but the pages with more characters took a little longer. Both Turner and Newman said the entire process of creating the book and illustrations took about a month.

 “I really loved illustrating the book and I loved picking out the colors,” Turner said, “I made Trap red because that’s his favorite color and it’s a primary color and his friends are blue and yellow to create the cycle of primary colors and some of his other friends are orange and green so secondary colors and it was so fun illustrating it.”

Newman said the story came natural to her and said it was a story she would tell when she taught in the classroom. She told the story several times before but decided to write it down and make a book out of it.

“I want people to see if they are different or if they feel different, then different is okay – it’s special,” Newman said.

Newman said she is thinking about it becoming a series and already has some ideas for future books. She said it will not be long before Trap has friends.

Some of the "Trap of Zoid" books have already been donated to the school. The book can be bought online on Amazon in a paperback copy and digital.

“This book has been a blessing, I didn’t know it would touch so many people, as many people as it has, so it’s been a blessing to me to see others inspired by this little story that just came in my head one day,” Newman said.