*Please note:The Numbrix game has had a slight change to its format.

To access the active game, you will need to scroll down this page to the red-colored advertisement box overlaying or below the Numbrix game area and input a security code that's display once you've watched the advertiser's message.

To access the Numbrix game, follow these simple steps:

*Note: Some ads are static and will have the 'security code' phrase immediately visible, while other ads require you to watch them before you will be presented with the 'security code'.

  1. First, click the 'Play' Button at the top of the advertisement, this will start playing the advertisement in the overlay box. If there is no 'Play' button at the top of the ad, proceed to step 2.
  2. The advertisement will display a 'security code' on its lower portion (typically, a short sentence or phrase).
  3. Type the displayed 'security code' into the 'Your Answer' input box at the bottom of the ad.
  4. Once you've inputted the code, click the second 'Play' button at the very bottom of the ad to unlock the Numbrix game.


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