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Aiken County schools upholding normal grading standards amid COVID-19

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As the Aiken County Public School District adjusts to COVID-19, students can expect the same standards and requirements at school as before the pandemic arrived in spring.

"We plan to go back to grading as we did before," Jeanie Glover, chief officer of instruction for the school district, said last week. "Now, of course, if we go to full-time remote, we are going to have to have some consideration for those kids who don’t have family support, just as we did back in the spring."

For students who find themselves struggling this year, Glover said schools will take every situation on a case-by-case basis while keeping in mind that COVID-19 can affect students' academics.

Schools will have resources available for students who struggle with distance learning this year. Micki Dove, director of curriculum support for the school district, said about 300 teachers worked over the summer to develop these resources.

Along with general information, like how to upload and download documents, Dove said the curriculum support team has created video mini-lessons and PowerPoint voice overlays.

These resources will be available to teachers and parents both in and outside of the Aiken Innovate program, Dove said.

During the first week of school, students in kindergarten through ninth grade will take some state-required assessments, Glover said.

Whether there will be standardized testing later in the school year has yet to be determined. Glover said the South Carolina Department of Education applied for a waiver from the federal government.

Glover said concerned parents should know the school district is there for them.

"We’re their partners, and our teachers, our principals, our staff here (at the school district), we’ll do anything that it takes to help support our students," Glover said.

For more information about how Aiken County public schools will operate during the COVID-19 pandemic, visit the school district's Back-2-School Safely page at