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TRUE TALK: What does your name say?

True Talk Drew Eubanks

Drew Eubanks

My wife Erin and I are massive fans of unique names. We love it when we hear a name that is not common to a traditional name. We have been extremely blessed to have three little boys of our own. When it came to naming them we wanted them to have some strong but also different names that you wouldn’t hear every day.

Our oldest is Captain who is 4. Lion, our middle child, is 2 1/2. Then, there is Saint, our newest edition who is almost 5 months old. I am so lucky to have a beautiful wife that loved the idea of these unique names I thought of. We love their names! We wanted them to have confident names and what’s amazing is that each and every one of them have lived up to their name.

My whole life I have been taught that it’s important to represent your name no matter what it is. Any time your name is put on something, what is it going to represent? When you are going through a hard time, how are you going to handle it? How is somebody going to respond when they see your name is attached to the situation or task?

I believe this is also how we represent our Lord and Savior. When we are out in the world, when things go crazy, wrong or even amazing, how are we going to approach it and leave our name on it? My parents taught me growing up that not only do I represent our family name but also our Savior. What attributes are attached to my name and my representation of Christ?

When I hear the name Jesus I automatically think of words like love, selflessness, kindness, overcoming, Savior and so much more. So I wonder when someone hears my name, what are their first thoughts? Do they see any of Jesus' attributes through me? I would hope so, but I know that I’m not always the best representation. I don’t always approach things properly. What about you? Do you feel the same way I do?

Whatever your answer may be, I hope you feel encouraged to seek to honor God and your family with your name.

Drew Eubanks is the video broadcast director at TrueNorth Church in North Augusta. Visit for more information.

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