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Retro shoe store in North Augusta showcases collectible items

Showcasing collectible sneakers and shoes on the walls, The Retro Store 803 works to up everyone's sneaker game.

The small business, located at 145 Edgefield Drive in North Augusta, has been open for almost a decade and participates in buying and selling collectible shoes. Sneakers from Nike, Adidas and other special edition shoes from famous basketball players and more are on display.

Maurice Tolliver, who works in shoe buying and cleaning for the store, said that the interest in collectible shoes is on the rise.

“It’s a big deal and for somebody like me, I have been doing it a long time and it's growing and a lot of people are getting into it now,” Tolliver said.

Tolliver enjoys making connections with the community over shoes.

“It means everything to me … just being to help the community and bring some of this stuff to where we can see it because growing up here in this small area, there’s not a lot of places that you can go and look at somebody’s two and three thousand dollar shoes that we got in this case,” Tolliver explained. “You have to drive a long way to go see them so it is almost like a museum too where you can come in and just look at some rare stuff versus going to the mall and just looking at all the same stuff.”

Some area collectors are happy that North Augusta is developing a sneaker culture.

“Growing up, sneakers was just a thing that a lot of people weren’t a part of ... North Augusta finally has that and the sneaker culture that is coming to North Augusta and the surrounding areas so that people can have the opportunity to get some of those shoes, and shoes that they have never seen before besides on the Internet," avid shoe collector and North Augusta resident Cassius Hillary said. "I think that it is very important that the culture is here because I always say that the CSRA is overlooked when it comes to the sneaker culture because there are a lot of people that have very interesting sneakers here in the area and they can finally display it.”

To learn more about the store, visit their social media pages.

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Samantha Winn covers the cities of North Augusta and Augusta, with a focus on community oriented business and events. Follow her on Twitter: @samanthamwinn and on Facebook and Instagram: @swinnnews

Samantha Winn covers the cities of North Augusta and Augusta, with a focus on community oriented business and events. She is a graduate of the University of South Carolina. Follow her on Twitter: @samanthamwinn and on Instagram: @swinnnews.

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