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Orange Otter Toys to open in summer 2022, creating memorable toy shopping experience

Personalized toys, retro play items and more are coming to North Augusta this summer.

Orange Otter Toys, a retro and experience based toy store in the Jackson Square shopping center at 336 Georgia Avenue in downtown North Augusta, plans to open in August 2022.

Aubrey Hinkson, owner of the store, originally got the idea to open a toy store based on many experiences with her own children.

“Everyone shows up to a four year old birthday party and most people have the same gift because we are all doing the same thing,” she explained. “We are all going on Amazon and saying best gift for a four year old girl, four year old boy and then everyone is picking the best seller or whatever comes up first, and then you just end up with all of the same toys.”

Orange Otter plans on providing a variety of types of toys from classic play with wooden blocks and magnets, to toys that cater to specific interests, like STEM kits.

Hinkson found that finding unique and personalized toys was difficult. She also wanted to create a boutique shopping experience outside of traditional big box stores for both kids and families.

“I think families gravitate towards North Augusta and so I think it is a perfect fit for the community to cater to those families, but it's also catering to people that are young at heart,” she said. “'s going to be an experience I think people will really enjoy on a Saturday.”

Hinkson hopes that the family driven community in North Augusta will help create lasting memories at Orange Otter.

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“I remember going to the Pink Dipper growing up and I am so glad it’s still here and that I get to take my daughter there, and so that is kind of my hope is that this will be something that will keep giving and giving to the community for a long time to come,” Hinkson said.

Hinkson hopes Orange Otter Toys helps parents and their shopping experience.

“As a parent, I think I am my own target audience, so I feel like I understand the pressures that are on parents and families of today,” Hinkson said. “If I can help make that experience even better and alleviate some of the pain points of time, you don’t have time to get a gift for little boy in your child’s class, you don’t know them you don’t know much about them, let me help with that.”

To learn more about Orange Otter Toy Store and their grand opening, visit their website and social media pages.

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