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Bush Flower Shop in downtown North Augusta reaches 100 year milestone

Uneven floor boards, the sights and smells of fresh flowers and a section full of knick-knacks, walking inside of Bush Flower Shop in downtown North Augusta acts like a time capsule for many locals.

The family owned business, now operated by Holly and Larry Anderson, recently celebrated a centennial milestone. Located in the heart of downtown at 111 W. Pine Grove Avenue, the Andersons reflect on the past century of business.

“People come in and say please don’t change anything, this is how I remembered it as a child and this is probably exactly the same. When they started building this building, they did it as they had the money to do it, so none of it is the same level,” Holly Anderson said.

“When I first started here, everything was handwritten. Everything. Telephone orders and walk-ins. But you answered the phone, you stuck it on a piece of paper, you stuck it over there and at the end of the day you had to put it into a computer or run it through the credit card machine,” Larry Anderson said. “Now with the computers, it’s a lot simpler and people have learned with COVID, I think it helped people to figure out the computers. They order tons of stuff on the computers. Like I could not be open during the day and just take orders off the computer all day long, but I like walk-in customers.”

Bush Flower Shop was started by Holly Anderson’s grandfather when he noticed Augustans buying pansy plants. He would buy and bring flowers across the river and walk from Broad Street to Pine Grove Avenue that day and sell what was available.

As technology and progress continued in the 20th century, the family created a greenhouse and expanded into the floral business.

“We do now and can prolong flowers and use them for longer and have refrigeration and stuff like that and that helps,” Holly Anderson said. “But to listen to (my mom) talk about what she could remember way back growing up with the flower business and how much it has changed over time.”

Being a staple in people’s lives is something that was important to Holly Anderson when she took over in December 2020.

“We are a staple in North Augusta and we love our community. My family has been here for all these years. So when Momma passed, even way before she passed, she kept asking me ‘Are you going to keep the shop? Are you going to keep doing it?’” she said. “I said we will keep the shop going as long as we can. I don’t know what the future holds, but for now we are going to keep it going.”

From weddings, funerals, proms and the everyday bouquet, they cherish meeting and being a part of people’s lives.

“Everyone in the family has delivered flowers at some point, and you know everyone. North Augusta used to be small enough where you really did know everybody who came through the door. Not so much so anymore, but that’s ok, you get to know new people,” Holly Anderson said. “But then you know, you go through life events with people, weddings and funerals and that kind of thing so you feel like you know them even better then. That’s the good part of it.”

The Anderson’s are planning a 100 year celebration in the fall.

“I just like seeing all the customers and most of them that come in and I keep track of them. Kind of know what they are looking for when they come in,” Larry Anderson said. “…It’s just the comfort of it. It feels like we are doing something good for people.”

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